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How To Incorporate Sports Into Your Child’s Life?

Sports are great for kids both physically and mentally. Yet despite the obvious benefits, many students (at least 70%) would rather quit sports by the age of thirteen. This is a large number and the majority of the time, we can trace it back to the parents’ inability to frame sports in a positive manner. In all the competitiveness that comes with having an athletic child, we ourselves tend to force the sport on them instead of encouraging it naturally. Here are some ways you can naturally incorporate sports into your child’s life so he won’t want to give it up!

Lead By Example

It is a common fact that the biggest influence in a child’s life is their parents. So following that line of thinking, if you tend to be messy, lazy and uncoordinated, chances are your child will follow in your footsteps. Your best bet to get your child more active is to lead by example. Show your child the perks of living an active life and how it helps you. Go for a run or join the local gym, or even a local sports team of your choice (perhaps consisting of your workmates)!

Play Together

There’s nothing quite like some quality time between parent and child. Be it a calm bicycle ride through the park or going through the basics of basketball, there’s a lot you can be doing to show your child that this can be fun. Besides, your child looks up to you and will want to do what you’re doing. But while it’s entirely normal to introduce your child to the sports you love most, as time goes by don’t ignore the signs that might be showing you he’d rather be playing something else. Have your child try out different sports- that way he’ll know which one he’s drawn to most!

Watch Sports Live

There’s nothing quite like the action and energy you see and feel when you attend your first live match. This is a good experience for your child to see how much a sport can affect people’s lives and form some connections to it. So buy AFL tickets online or passes to whichever sport you’re drawn to most. Just give your child the glory of attending his first match with an excited parent in tow. It’s guaranteed to have a lasting impact.

Hide The Disappointment

Kids hate disappointing their parents so you’ve to watch out for this one. Your child might easily associate the sport with feeling pressured or being a disappointment and a failure so it’s best that you try to be upbeat at all times. Encourage them and let them know all that matters is that they were having fun. This will allow them to unwind and de-stress while playing, which will better their performance in the long run!

Change Things Up

Remember that kids lose focus easily and have short attention spans so try and change things up every now and then if you notice them getting bored. Don’t focus on one activity and let it drag on for too long. This will frustrate your child.

These are some of the best ways you can incorporate sports into your child’s life. But remember, if you ever have to force it, your child will become frustrated and lash out. Encourage gently and allow him to be vocal with his opinions so he doesn’t feel forced and the transition will come smoothly.

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