Common Problems Sports Club Managers Face

Congratulations! You followed your passion and you’re working in the field of sports. Not everyone can say the same so count yourself lucky. Unfortunately, there are also quite a few drawbacks and problems the management of a sports club faces on a daily basis. Here’s a list of common problems you’ll face- if you haven’t already- and how you can address them.


Handling a sports club is one massive session of continuous communication. You might find yourself overloaded with the number of e-mails you receive in a single day- but that’s normal.  What’s bad is when it takes up a significant amount of your time, leaving you to do nearly nothing else. Keeping everyone in the loop and up to date is a healthy necessity when it comes to running a club but so is maintaining a balance.

Lack Of Funds

A general lack of funds is one glaring problem a manager faces. How often will you find yourself having a great idea but the main obstacle will be a lack of funds to see it through? To minimize this issue, you need to ask yourself how much time you can spare for fundraising, to find sponsors, increasing your own presence and getting that extra bit of resources. It’s no easy feat but getting those funds and landing further growth depends on your ability to find time amongst your daily responsibilities to see to these activities.

Managing Equipment

Purchasing and supplying kits and equipment as and when necessary has to be done regularly and wisely. For example, purchasing premium cricket netting that will stand the test of time would be a smart decision on your part rather than going to questionable sources. To help you out when managing equipment, use software that will track your deals and invoices, assign coaches to help you with supplying the equipment and always allocate a certain amount of your budget to improving your equipment. This will keep your players satisfied. Satisfied players equal another problem solved.

High Expectations

The pressure for managers and their clubs to succeed instantaneously is immense. It comes from all ends- athletes, media, sponsors etc. However, the value of the long-term approach must be appreciated. Even if that means enduring criticizing remarks of those who don’t understand your decisions or the process, stay focused on the end goal and that success will come to you.

Non-Stop Work

Unlike your average office job which stops on a Friday, you may not get this privilege. You’ll work overtime and it’s going to be exhausting but this job is also extremely rewarding. So to make up for all that personal time you lose, don’t forget to enjoy your perks to the best of your ability and let loose every now and then.

Life as a sports club manager can get really hectic and the problems you face probably won’t stop coming but its rewards and doing something that you’re passionate about really makes it all worth it. If you find yourself facing problems, it’s only natural but don’t forget to take a step back and analyze the situation so you can minimize it as much as possible.

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