Building Your Motivation for Workout; One Suggestion at a Time

Feeling a lack of motivation to work out? Here are a few suggestions for a boost…!

Take a Good Look at the Mirror

Take a look at the mirror; a very good look at the reflection that stares back at you. If you are unfit and in desperate need of heading to the gym, this look at the mirror will motivate you to head out and workout. However, this method of motivation is not limited only to those unfit. Even someone who regularly works out, but is feeling lazy to head to the gym on a particular day can benefit from taking a glance at the mirror. The progress of your body goals should provide you with all the motivation you want.

Remind Yourself about Your Priorities in Life

What are your priorities in life? Does living a full and healthy life, and living a long sickness free life come into your list of priorities? If so, remind yourself of these things when you find yourself faltering. Exercising regularly and keeping yourself fit will not only ensure that you live a long and healthy life, it will also make way to ensure that your sunset years and retirement will be less restricted and more comfortable. Remember, a healthy physical and mental form will definitely make it easier for you to stay independent as far as you are on this Earth…

Get Yourself Exciting Gym Accessories and Clothing

Regardless to whether you work out at a public space, or you work out in the comfort of your home, it goes almost without saying that new fitness apparel can definitely make working out more fun. If it has been a while since you last updated your workout clothes, consider giving yourself a little bonus for the progress you’ve made so far, and get yourself a few new outfits. Apart from clothing, you can also update your yoga mat, your running shoes, your sweat bands, your headphones or even something as simple as your water bottle.

Drag a Friend Along With You to Workout

Socializing is vital for your mental health; this is a fact that we are sure you are already aware of. But did you know that you can multi task; making sure that you work out and you catch up with your friend at the same time? You simply persuade them to join your fitness centre. This not only gives you a reason (other than how fantastic you feel after the workout) to drag yourself to the fitness centre each day, your friend will also be able to motivate you to get off your bed on and get to the centre on those days you are feeling particularly lazy. Don’t forget to reciprocate…!

Promise Yourself an Enticing Gift If You Meet Your Body Goals

Remember when you were a kid, and your parents rewarded you when you did something right or good? Remember how it made you want to work harder, and please them, just so you get that reward? Use this same trick to motivate yourself, and help yourself to get into a routine. Have body goals, daily goals, and monthly goals; and once you’ve achieved them, reward yourself. This will help to push yourself on hard days…


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