Tennis Hard Court

Tennis Hard Court

The advantages of a tennis hard court are only ever truly realised if you have a great surface.

There are numerous performance and safety issues that must be considered when selecting a tennis hard court system.
Unproven or un-rated products appear attractive when considering the budget alone but often these are not “fit for purpose” and can lead to very disappointing results at best.
A proven rated product has a far more attractive whole of life cost and provides superior results.

Tennis hard court surface systems contain Polymers and Pigments – these must be developed and proven in our harsh Aussie climate. Our UV indexes are the highest in the world and can destroy inferior products quickly. Dulux Tru-Flex has a long and proven history to back it’s industry leading 7 year warranty. Multisport Concepts is a full accredited Tru-flex professional installer.

Tru-flex is Aussie made for Aussie conditions.

Our Tru-flex system has a 30 year history in Australia and overseas. It can be laid over old or new concrete or asphalt bases.
Dulux AcraTex Tru-flex systems are:

  • Fortified acrylic
  • Full rubber cushion
  • Multi-layer hard court sports surface coatings
  • Formulated to enhance court playing characteristics
  • Improve traction and player comfort
  • Deliver long term surface stability
  • Excellent colour retention
  • And offer extended court life
7 YEAR WARRANTY – Free Quote

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Hard Court Colour Options
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Tru-flex Colours

Tru-flex Colours


Advantages of the Truflex Hard Court System

  • An ITF approved surface which qualifies under the court rebate scheme
  • A range of court pace ratings according to the clients needs
  • a fantastic look
  • equally well suited to multi-purpose courts
  • The backing of a true Australian giant in Dulux, with 35 years of experience (Buy Australian – Protect Aussie jobs)
  • The industry’s longest warranty … 7 years – Aussie made, Aussie tough
  • a surface that is good enough for professional players and affordable for the rest of us.
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Acrylic Vs Cushion Acrylic Vs Cushion

This is another area where there is much misunderstanding. Please call one of our consultants to discuss your needs and allow us to guide you through the range of options available to get you the optimal result.


Truflex Acrylic Sports Surfaces by Dulux AcraTex

Truflex Acrylic Sports Surfaces, Hard Court


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Tru Flex Acrylic Hard Court

Tru Flex Cushion Court, Hard Court

ITF Classified

ITF Classified, Hard CourtITF (International Tennis Federation) has classified Dulux AcraTex Tru-flex systems in the following pace rating categories.

Acrylic Court Systems, Hard Court

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